A little knowledge is always good to help you before you visit us.

Below we have put together questions that pop up often when we are talking to our customers

What is Self Storage?

Self storage is the term applied to secure storage facilities that offer do-it-yourself storage space for members of the public and businesses. In essence it’s your own tailored secure space away from home or the business.

We offer lockers (approx 1 cubic metre) and lockable rooms from 20 Square feet to 250 Square feet. You lock these with a padlock and keep the keys yourself to access your items during opening hours.

How much does it cost?

That really does depend on the amount of space you require and length of time. For example £61.48 (Including VAT at current 20% rate) we can provide you with 25sq feet for one calendar month. We would always recommend you come visit and get advice from us to be sure.

Can I turn up and store on the same day?

Yes, during office hours. Make sure you bring photographic identity (driver’s license or passport) and proof of your address. We can only accept card payments on your first visit.

You need to bring your own padlock or you can purchase one from us to secure your door.

When can I access my items?

For your best security and peace of mind we only allow access to site when a member of staff is onsite. Please check our office hours, no appointment is required.

How do I pay?

We accept a number of payment methods, many of our regular customers like to set up a standing order so they are in full control. We accept card payments in the office or over the telephone. We are not able to accept cash on your first payment.

What is the minimum time I can store for?

We have no minimum storage period

Do I need insurance?

Yes. By Self Storage Association rules: The goods in your storage unit remain your responsibility. You will be required to have insurance cover against loss or damage to your goods during the period of storage.

We are able to offer you insurance. If your goods are worth storing, they should be insured!

If using your own insurer we will require proof of cover from them whilst you goods are in storage with ourselves.

What can I store?

You can store most items, however we operate under British law and as such it is illegal to store objects such as firearms, illegal substances (drugs, explosives), dangerous weapons or anything else that is illegal or counterfeit or that could be harmful to public health. We do not permit storage of food stuffs and other perishable items.

Will there be help to move my items?

You will have access to sack trolleys and a pump truck for moving pallets. There is a goods lift to ensure there is no carrying on the stairs. We have a forklift onsite for our trained staff to use to help with larger items.

Are there any hidden costs I need to be aware of?

You will require a padlock (either provide your own or we can sell you one) and you will require to have your goods insured whilst in storage (we will need proof that your items are insured whilst in storage with us), we can provide insurance from £3.50 per £1000 covered per month (minimum 1 month)

The storage will be quoted to include VAT.